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About Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane Resin

State Line Concrete Lifting uses a 2-part specifically designed, eco-friendly line of polyurethane resins to lift, support, and raise concrete, fill sub-surface voids, and consolidate weak soils. 


FACT- One square foot of foam can support up to 14,000 lbs.


A 5/8th inch hole (the size of a dime) is drilled so a nozzle can be inserted to inject a 2 part eco-friendly polyurethane foam.  Our foam is hyrophobic (water resistant) and lighter than the surrounding soil.  This means that extra weight is not added to poorly compacted soil.  Our equipment is for the most part self contained and there is no need for large construction equipment and noisy crews of workers at your home or business.  State Line Concrete Lifting’s guarantee to you is that the person you meet with is the person who performs the work.  Most jobs are done within a day.


Talk about FAST!  Most surfaces are ready for foot traffic in 15 minutes.  Voids are filled and soils are consolidated for stronger water resistant surfaces.